July 20-22 [12PM-9PM] @ Central Harbourfront

“Three nights, three ultimate experiences of neon sports.”

A three-consecutive-day carnival situated in the heart of the City. Immerse yourself in Combat Archery, Dodgeball Galaxy and Neon Sabre Academy in the neon-lit Central Harbourfront.

Enjoy a variety of titbits and drinks, as well as the awesome DJ music and performances, under the amazing view of the iconic Hong Kong skyline. Grab your friends and CHILL TO THE MAX!

The Games

Combat Archery

Fast-paced combination of paintball, archery, and dodgeball
Requires physical prowess, accuracy, and teamwork
Foam-tipped arrows and recurve bows

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Neon Sabre Academy

Newest form of combat sports
Learn practical self-defence drills, sabre-handling techniques, and dueling.

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Dodgeball League

Strategic game of ball-throwing and catching
Throw balls while avoid being hit
Catch and revive your teammates

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Combat Sports

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Crossfire Sports Tournament

"There is no victory without a battle."

July 20-22 [6PM-9PM] @ Central Harbourfront

Experience Hong Kong’s first Crossfire Combat Archery Tournament in Central Harbourfront. Shoot and dodge foam-tipped arrows in a team of 5 archers. Compete against 32 teams in this epic tournament.

Resting Zone

“Good food is good mood.”

Take a rest after enjoying the best. Come to our resting zone which provides plenty of places for getting comfortable.

In this area, you will find out a series of booths featuring worldwide finest and handy food, serving up tasting treats and fancy feasts. Grab some food and get energized before the next game!

Just a few steps further is the Neon Art Workshop, featuring the coolest Neon Henna. Go check it out with your buddies and get the neon paint on you!

Stage Performance

"All you need is music and dance."

The Crossfire Neon Stage is a place of razzle-dazzle, featuring talented bands, singers and dancers in the awesome performances. It is a collection of music, dance and sports experiences and much more, aims at bringing a community of people together who love this wonderful city!

Join us on the Neon Stage bouncing the Central Harbourfront with dancing , busking and BAND SHOW performance!